Block Armour Launches Innovative Solution Tailored to Provide Superior Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Companies – Guest Post Syndicated

Block Armour Launches Innovative Solution Tailored to Provide Superior Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Companies - Guest Post Syndicated

Singapore, Singapore, August 04, 2022 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Block Armour, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions powered by Zero Trust principles and Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture, today announced the launch of its new product offering catering exclusively to manufacturing businesses. The Unified Secure Access solution secures critical IT assets and offers precision network access in a distributed and hybrid environment, giving access to data and applications only to trusted and verified devices and users.

The company leverages its proprietary Secure ShieldTM technology designed with the Zero Trust philosophy to "trust no one, verify everyone." The latest offering, Unified Secure Access, leverages Blockchain technology to assign digital identities to every connected device in the network thereby eliminating the implicit trust between users and devices for making access control decisions. It provides highly scalable security across traditional as well as modern wireless/5G networks, making it ideal for today’s modern Smart Factory infrastructure.

Block Armour’s Unified Secure Access removes the need for separate legacy cybersecurity solutions such as VPN and NAC, offering significant cost savings to the organization even as it provides a future-proof solution to combat current and emerging cyberthreats. The technology is well-suited for the upcoming Industry 4.0 or IIoT networks which will force manufacturing firms to undergo significant digital transformation.

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Narayan Neelakantan, Co-founder and CEO at Block Armour, notes, “Over the last year, Manufacturing has become the most targeted industry for cyberattacks, replacing Financial services and Insurance. Malware and ransomware attacks continue to target the sector, often putting entire global supply chains at risk. Manufactures are now being asked about their cyber resiliency by downstream business partners and customers. We are aware of the shortcomings of traditional solutions and are keen to step in and help customers secure their distributed and hybrid enterprise-IT infrastructure.”

Recognized as one of top 25 cybersecurity innovators worldwide, Block Armour’s solutions offer Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), leverage multi-factor authentication, and SDP to ensure granular control over access to critical data and applications in enterprise networks. The company prides itself in offering easily deployable technology to protect the most critical enterprise-IT, cloud-based systems, and more, all while offering higher levels of efficiency from time, cost, and compliance perspectives.

About Block Armour
Block Armour is a Singapore, UK and Mumbai, based cybersecurity venture focused on harnessing modern approaches and emerging technologies to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways. Its integrated security platform – powered by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture and Blockchain technology – delivers Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Enterprise systems, Cloud, and IoT. Accelerated by Airbus, Block Armour was featured among the Top 25 cybersecurity innovations worldwide by Accenture. For more information, please visit our website at

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