Blockchain Technology Provides Opportunities in Real Estate – Guest Post Syndicated

Blockchain Technology Provides Opportunities in Real Estate - Guest Post Syndicated

Newport Beach, CA, July 19, 2022 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- When Travis White sold a property in Costa Mesa for Bitcoin in 2020, it served as an example of how versatile cryptocurrency can be for home buyers, sellers, and property investors. The ease of the transaction prompted White to seek out firms that want to accept cryptocurrency.

His company, Linx Cryptoverse Group (Linx Crypto), consults with private equity and real estate financial firms, educating them about technologies and opportunities, including the benefits of property tokenization and the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency. “Cryptocurrency and blockchain help to decentralize the financial system,” says White. “This expedites the transaction, allowing funds to move over to escrow in a matter of minutes instead of waiting days or months for overseas transactions with a traditional bank.”

In the real estate domain, when a person with a significant amount of their net worth in cryptocurrency wants to buy property, they can now purchase property without having to convert to fiat currency. Additionally, they can borrow against their crypto holdings and use the borrowed funds without having to liquidate any crypto assets.

With the emergence of property tokenization and an increasing number of firms accepting cryptocurrencies, real estate investor options have increased, simplifying the purchase process. “The combination of our partnership with WarpD NFT, a startup we are funding, and our patent pending technology allows us to make real estate a liquid asset, whereby people can trade their fractionalized NFTs in a matter of minutes,” adds White.

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By completing a real estate transaction with Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies outside of the traditional real estate process, both the buyer and seller benefit from a more direct exchange while creating liquidity in real estate investments.

Linx Crypto is advising private investment funds on new technologies to invest in and is introducing firms to crypto technology for transactions.

“People are becoming savvier in the ways they pay for things. Crypto investors recognize the opportunity,” says White. “Given the increasing value of Bitcoin, the versatility of cryptocurrency, and the advantages and efficiency of blockchain, businesses that integrate this new technology will survive and prosper similarly to those that embraced the Internet in the 1990s.”

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