Clicks and Bricks Podcast Announces Interview with Jasveen Kaur – Guest Post Syndicated

Clicks and Bricks Podcast Announces Interview with Jasveen Kaur - Guest Post Syndicated

St. Louis, MO, September 02, 2022 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- The climate change advocate talks about how her experience in engineering and management helped her discover a passion for the planet.

Clicks & Bricks Podcast is excited to announce its interview with guest Jasveen Kaur, an engineering and management graduate with a passion for technology and climate.

Kaur uses her education and experience to discover and solve problems around personal finance, supply chain, sustainability, and employee benefits. Her 15+-year career has spanned roles in product management, software development, and program management.

One of Kaur’s prominent passions is climate change, and she’s on a mission to help solve the climate emergency through her Web3 platform Clime DAO, which is a Carbonbank-As-a-Service (CaaS) that helps customers meet their ESG goals. The CaaS platform provides a path for businesses and civic organizations to reduce 20%-30% of their carbon emissions by tapping into collective climate action of their employees and community members.

Clime DAO’s fundamental mission is to enable climate action for all by enabling access and reducing friction for climate action. Businesses and Cites/civic organizations use Clime DAO to help their employees, and community members reduce their environmental impact and earn credits via one-of-a-kind carbon credit marketplaces. Clime DAO’s proprietary technology verifies the climate actions of its users and rewards them with digital tokens that represent Next Gen Carbon Credits generated from blockchain-verified carbon reduction. These credits can then be traded in the Clime marketplace.

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The Clicks and Bricks podcast shares stories from real entrepreneurs to give listeners access to the entrepreneurial mentality and how successful entrepreneurs overcome adversity in business.

“Helping business owners understand that we all go through problems, we all have highs and lows in our careers, but at the end of the day, we must keep pushing forward,” said Clicks & Bricks Host Ken Cox. “We want to motivate more of the world to be a Capitan of their own ship!”

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