Crypto Lists Gets New Head of Content and Updates Branding – Guest Post Syndicated

Crypto Lists Gets New Head of Content and Updates Branding - Guest Post Syndicated

London, United Kingdom, October 21, 2022 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Crypto Lists' latest team member is new Head of Content, Tom White. Hailing from Manchester, England, Tom is already up to date with the crypto market, and in his new role will be making sure that the tone of voice is consistent across both the site and external communications. He'll also be working with the wider Editorial team to ensure more interesting content about exchanges, blockchains, coins, tokens and NFTs goes live.

After working in the content space for over a decade, with a focus on digital transformation and technology-driven sector diversification, Tom is excited about the new challenge, expanding on his existing knowledge, and specifically on establishing the brand voice and best-practice content guidelines for the business.

After stepping into the new role, he said: "I'm incredibly excited about this new venture with, and about the crypto space in general. I can't wait to get started. I think helping people make better, more informed decisions about which coins to look in, which exchanges to trade on, and educating them on the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its revolutionary possibilities is an essential part of increasing crypto adoption among the wider public," says Tom.

With the experience Tom brings onboard the Crypto Lists rocketship, the plan is set to get more daily news posts and newsflashes out of the gate, while handling an increasing amount of additional reviews of coins, tokens, and a wide range of other crypto products. Meanwhile, Crypto Lists' Editor-in-Chief Markus Jalmerot will focus his attention more closely on upcoming top lists and overall marketing efforts after stepping down as Head of Content due to the arrival of the Manchester native.

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Concurrent to the recent organizational changes, a new slogan for the site has gone live: Crypto done smarter.

It's part of a broader overhaul of the business' purpose and vision, emphasizing that Crypto Lists is on a mission to help people enter the space with an educated perspective gained from constantly updated altcoin toplists, hot topical trends, and the very latest breaking news.

In a nutshell, by connecting all the dots; from the most secure and fastest blockchain behind a cryptocurrency to potential NFT collections, the ongoing aim of the business is to help people make more informed decisions. How does this look? It might be helping them to select the cheapest blockchain for transfers or by showing geotargeted toplists for various crypto products. Put simply, Crypto Lists is quite literally helping people to find better blockchains and cryptocurrencies, in both a more affordable and quicker way. With help of Crypto Lists, digital assets can done smarter.

With Q4s bearish sentiments hopefully shifting bullish as we head into Q1 2023, there are multiple reasons to be optimistic about the crypto industry in general, with mainstream public and institutional adoption anticipated to increase.

You can see an overview of the latest articles by Tom White at Crypto Lists or simply follow the latest news in order to stay up to date.

Disclaimer: Crypto Lists is an information center which aims to educate and inform individuals about the cryptocurrency market. The site does not offer any financial advice. Please ensure to do your own research and seek a financial advisor for any questions related to crypto investments.

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