Divebell Partners with PrivacyCheq to Create Active Data Consent — the Holy Grail of Data Privacy – Guest Post Syndicated

Divebell Partners with PrivacyCheq to Create Active Data Consent — the Holy Grail of Data Privacy - Guest Post Syndicated

San Francisco, CA, October 06, 2022 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Divebell announced today that it has entered into a development partnership with PrivacyCheq, a leading enterprise consent management platform, to solve one of the most vexing day-to-day operational problems for data-driven enterprises today — ensuring that the data they have gathered from users is always processed in accordance with the consent given by the data owners.

Divebell’s customers use its powerful data discovery and monitoring capabilities to ensure that personal data is stored in the right places and is being used for the right purpose by the right users. However, what was missing was the ability to track their consent to use their data for a specific purpose.

Until now.

Divebell’s co-founder and CEO Vikram Shrowty said, “As private data regulatory enforcement has hit its stride in the past year, we realized that while maintaining an accurate data inventory is essential for compliance, helping our customers know which data items should and should not be processed based on changing user consent and opt-in is a huge value add. After all, another pillar that differentiates Divebell is proactive alerting that enables our customers to operationally implement the right controls for personal data.”

Vikram continued, “PrivacyCheq’s platform dovetails perfectly with Divebell because their ConsentCheq service manages the user experience of transparency and operational consent. This capability, combined with Divebell’s proprietary subject tracing technology that lets customers track specific user data across the enterprise data sources, will be a powerful combination that will allow Divebell to flag any user data that may not have the appropriate opt-in or consent. We call this new capability ‘Active Data Consent’ or ADC. With ADC, our customers will be able to process user data on a granular basis in full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and numerous other new regulations that give users control over the use of their private data after it has been collected.”

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PrivacyCheq CEO Roy Smith said, “To explain this in simple terms, Divebell is a leader in finding, inventorying, and continuous monitoring of private user data, but their platform doesn’t know the provenance of the data or what each user’s preferences are at any given moment. ConsentCheq handles all user consent preferences minute-by-minute, but is not aware of the private data itself or its location. We just inform the enterprise about user choices. By marrying these two functions we’ve created “Active Data Consent,” a new type of operational enterprise privacy compliance solution.”

Smith continued, “On any given day, a company’s internal processes might make use of a customer’s email address, their zip code, or a list of recently purchased items. The company typically shares some of the data with third parties for email marketing or cross-marketing. One day, the customer makes a purchase at a company website and clicks on ‘Do Not Sell My Data’ or uses a browser that sends the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal. From that moment on, all the data tied to that user is flagged as 'Internal use only' and Divebell monitoring ensures that the data is not processed or shared until the user changes their preference.”

Active Data Consent is the first technology that gives users complete control over the use and sharing of their private data, as required by privacy regulations all over the globe. Enterprises that manage their data usage under ADC will enjoy freedom from the fear of regulatory enforcement fines because of their efficient and accurate compliance with user expressed consent or opt-out.

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Divebell and PrivacyCheq plan to demonstrate ADC to key customers in Q4 2022, with general availability in Q2 2023. For sales inquiries or any other questions, please contact Divebell at info@divebell.com.

About Divebell
Divebell’s powerful Data Discovery Solution uses a unique Subject Tracing technology that gives you precise and complete visibility into whose data is where. Divebell’s lightweight and modern architecture uses Deep Automation to provide rapid and relevant scan results across petabytes of data. It’s what you would expect from a product born in the cloud and built by industry experts. https://www.divebell.com/

About PrivacyCheq
Since its founding in 2013, PrivacyCheq has been a leader in the regulatory compliance tech industry, offering a variety of cloud services facilitating operational compliance with CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, PIPEDA, and LGPD. For more information, please visit http://www.PrivacyCheq.com.

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