PERCS Turns Likes Into Sales: Shopify Stores Unlock Viral Growth with Shoppable Posts on Farcaster – Guest Post Syndicated

PERCS Turns Likes Into Sales: Shopify Stores Unlock Viral Growth with Shoppable Posts on Farcaster - Guest Post Syndicated

Toronto, Canada, February 23, 2024 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Shopify merchants, brace yourselves. PERCS, the Web3 eCommerce suite provider, is shaking things up with its innovative PERCS Frames integration, seamlessly blending social engagement and interactive posts into customer experiences. Imagine turning every social media post into a shoppable storefront.

Forget expensive influencer campaigns and convoluted social media strategies. PERCS Frames can help with organic growth where customers can instantly buy directly from Shopify stores’ social media posts. Imagine passionate brand ambassadors organically sharing product recommendations and reviews on Farcaster, generating buzz and attracting new customers without breaking the bank. Ambassadors can opt-in to get a referral from the sale.

PERCS goes beyond traditional points and discounts. Web3 rewards are on the horizon, offering exclusive NFTs and DAO memberships to unlock exciting utility. Imagine incentivizing deeper customer engagement by rewarding influencers based on their contributions. The possibilities are endless, fostering a loyal community that transcends mere transactions.

"Shopify merchants have a need to stand out in order to boost engagement and convert a post into an actual sale," says Chinmay Patel, CEO of PERCS. "By integrating PERCS Frames, we're offering them a tool to leverage the power of social media and Web3, empowering them to build thriving, engaging communities around their brands and directly within their social media posts."

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It’s not a dream. It’s live today.

PERCS Frames is already live in a private beta in Shopify app store, and several pioneering brands are showcasing its transformative power. The company is thrilled to announce that 9dcc, the first web3 luxury clothing brand, is among the first to pilot PERCS Frames. Their experience is a testament to the power of this integration to drive engagement, boost sales, and build a passionate community.

This is more than just an integration; it's a shift in the very fabric of social commerce. By seamlessly integrating social engagement and Web3, PERCS Frames creates a future where online shopping becomes a social experience, driven by authentic connections and shared value. Stores looking for a new channel for sales and build a thriving community around its brand should consider this new conversion channel.

Key Takeaways:
- PERCS Frames seamlessly integrates social engagement and shoppable posts into Shopify stores.
- Drive organic viral growth and attract new customers without expensive campaigns.
- Web3 rewards unlocked by exclusive NFTs, DAO memberships, and deeper customer engagement.
- Shopify is currently reviewing the app for public consumption, but brands can join the pilot program and be among the first to experience the future of social commerce.

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