Prescott Ellison, Grammy-Winning Drummer, Releases NFT Album on MNFTM, the World’s First NFT Marketplace for Black & Ethnically Diverse Creators …

Prescott Ellison, Grammy-Winning Drummer, Releases NFT Album on MNFTM, the World's First NFT Marketplace for Black & Ethnically Diverse Creators - Guest Post Syndicated

Los Angeles, CA, March 13, 2023 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Prescott Ellison, Grammy Award winning drummer releases NFT Album "Torchlight Of The Phantom Sun" on, a platform created to provide a fully curated experience for artist & collectors with diversity as its differentiator.

Link to Album:

Ellison's brand of conscious music draws from the influences of his favorite artists: Sting, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tears For Fears, and Prince.

The meticulously crafted conceptual album is based on the growth stages of human development and evolution. The immersive nature of the album is interlaced with elements that draw from Ellison's fascination with ancient scriptures, mythology, quantum physics, fantasy, folklore, surrealism, astrology, spiritualism, esotericism, and ancient civilizations.

"Torchlight of the Phantom Sun" takes the listener on a magical journey of life, from the perspective of someone trying to navigate their way through a world of fact and fiction. Walking a tightrope that draws a thin line between reality and imagination. To further enhance this unique experience, Ellison used specific harmonics and tones from the Solfeggio frequencies that have been incorporated into the music to influence the positive effects they have on the brain waves and chakras of the human body, taking the listener on a Cosmic Spiritual journey of self-discovery, creation and the exploration of the mysteries of life and our existence.

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Prescott Ellison is a quintessential artist with organic creativity to share.

As a professional drummer, Prescott has performed and recorded with Justin Timberlake, Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Lupe Fiasco, Christina Aguilera, Sin Banderas, Guy Sebastian, Paulina Rubio, Me-Phi-Me, and Smokey Robinson.

Ellison Entertainment Group
For more information, contact: Melissa Michaels at (858) 668-8391.

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