Slablox, LLC. Officially Announced TheOhtanis NFT Collection Drop Utilizing the ERC-721A Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain and the Marke …

Slablox, LLC. Officially Announced TheOhtanis NFT Collection Drop Utilizing the ERC-721A Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain and the Marketplace. - Guest Post Syndicated

Centennial Hills, NV, November 30, 2022 --( Slablox, LLC, a Nevada-based Web3 development company focused on merging Trading Card Collecting IRL (In Real Life) with Trading Cards in Web3, on Blockchain or in the Metaverse via (PNFT’S) (Physically Backed Non-Fungible Tokens). Slablox, LLC. is excited to announce the first phase of their (PFP) Picture for Proof (NFT) Non-Fungible Token Project called TheOhtanis.

TheOhtanis Collection consists of 10,000 PFP NFTs that tell an epic story through an expression of anime art imitating talent through an artistic representation of Shohei Ohtani, nicknamed "The Japanese Babe Ruth'' in the United States. Shohei Ohtani's Japanese nickname is Nitoryu/Nitōryū that means “two-sword style” and an idiomatic expression that means “two-sword style,” and figuratively means “excel at two very different things'').Shohei Ohtani is a two-way baseball player, a Starting Pitcher and a (DH) Designated Hitter for the Los Angeles Angels.

The origin and history of TheOhtanis is a culmination of two cultures and traditions centuries in the making, starting with the Japanese Samurai two sword fighting styles as far back as the 12th century. “Samurai baseball” as seen in the samurai warrior code of bushido. Japan adopted the Western concept of baseball in the 17th century, the Meiji period, from American professors, and adapted the philosophy of training, practice from its martial arts past.

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There are two types of anime PFP NFTs avatars, The Samurai's and The Overseas OGs are an artistic expression of Los Angeles Urban Culture that has transcended into Japan and Asian culture just like Japan’s anime art has transcended into the United States and the rest of the world.

The closest themed Blue-Chip NFT Project is the Azuki, an anime themed NFT collection of 10,000 avatars which had one of the most successful drops in NFT history, selling out for $30 million in minutes. The Azuki is a Blue-Chip NFT catered to anime enthusiasts on a global market. Launching at a price of $3,400, 8,700 Azuki avatars sold out in in three minutes. (Source: At one point, sales even overshadowed that of reigning tokens like (BAYC) Bored Ape Yacht Club. Recently, Azuki #9605 sold for 420.7 ETH ($1.4 million), a record for an Azuki avatar thus far. (Source:

The Slablox Development team opted to use the Azuki ERC721A smart contract. An improved implementation of the IERC721 standard that supports minting multiple tokens for close to the cost of one. The following projects have used the ERC-721A smart contract.@moonbirds @doodles @rtfkt @goblintown @adidas.

The Minting Price for the 10,000 PFP NFT’s is (.40) ETH. 1,000 PNFT Physically Asset Backed NFT's mint will start at (2.0) ETH. Drop dates are TBD. A portion of all royalties from secondary sales on from all project drops will go to TheOhtanis Community.

TheOhtanis PFP NTFS utility is a community building IRL and in the Metaverse merging Collecting in IRL, web3 and Gaming.

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Theohtanis PFP NFT Holders will be able to participate in a Holder Exclusive PNFT Drop of 1000+ Graded Shohei Ohtani Rookie Card Drop Date TBD. The Development Teams Website The PFP NFT Project Website

Media Dept.
Scott Haley, Director of Media
Slablox, LLC.
TheOhtanis PFP NFT Collection Project
4580 N. Rancho Dr., Suite 100
Centennial Hills, NV 89131

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