TradeCrypto: New Crypto Medium Making Waves – Guest Post Syndicated

TradeCrypto: New Crypto Medium Making Waves - Guest Post Syndicated

Limassol, Cyprus, January 04, 2023 --( is a rising platform dedicated to cryptocurrency reviews, news, and education that reached 10,000 monthly visitors recently. It’s not a surprise it’s becoming more and more popular among crypto enthusiasts lately, as the platform consistently provides quality content for both crypto beginners and advanced users. One of the key reasons that make TradeCrypto stand out among its competitors is its approach to presenting complex information so that learning is made enjoyable. No matter the readers’ level of expertise, why would anybody need boring and difficult articles that take effort to understand? Readers can tell the content was written by reliable crypto aficionados who not only know what they’re talking about, but can present their findings and opinions so that the content is fun and easy to understand. This quality has been crucial in spreading positive word of mouth and attracting new visitors.

Moreover, TradeCrypto is not only concerned with articles, but also with the design itself. In fact, graphic design and UX play a pretty big role in the project. They enrich it and make it more appealing to readers, which encourages learning in a positive atmosphere.

Currently, there are three different types of content on the platform:
The daily ping pong digest -
The crypto news -
The crypto academy -

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The most interesting news of the day, all in one place and written in a casual manner reminiscent of a discussion between two friends playing ping-pong. Humorous and informative, TradeCrypto Digest is a good way to learn about the latest industry developments. It’s quite convenient because it can be delivered straight to your email. platform

This is the main TradeCrypto product, where readers can find everything related to crypto, NFTs, and Web 3.0. In fact, there are quite a lot of different formats, including daily news, reviews of products and services, and crypto academy guides. It’s also important to mention the TradeCrypto events calendar, which brings all noteworthy events in one place, including information about new releases, tech updates, conferences, ICOs, NFT mints, and other kinds of events (in total, there are 13 different categories). Crypto Telegram feeds, podcasts and videos round off the list of content.

TradeCrypto also announced it’s currently busy setting up a personal user account feature. Users will be able to create their own portfolios, receive notifications about events, and subscribe to various topics.

Apart from the TradeCrypto news section and its Digest, its Twitter account is another source of crypto information. With hundreds of crypto news every day, TradeCrypto sorts out the most interesting ones and writes short tweets about them. The platform is adding memes and well-intentioned jokes about the community to its Twitter posts, making them entertaining while updating the readers about recent events in the crypto world.

TradeCrypto Values and Collaborations

Another quality TradeCrypto has demonstrated is that it works with very strong ethical values. The platform never publishes sensationalist news posts or articles just for the sake of driving traffic. And their reviews read as quite objective, as the writers avoid subjective stances unless necessary so as not to mislead the audience.

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The crypto community is full of talented and non-ordinary people, and TradeCrypto has shown interest in decentralized collaborations. In its media kit, there are a bunch of projects for potential collaborators to check out and work on together. TradeCrypto has shown great enthusiasm in finding interesting and promising projects, such as SWEAT and NEAR, in order to help those projects reach the crypto community directly. The medium carefully collects and filters all the most promising technologies and companies, writing about them and with them. With the varied content TradeCrypto publishes, all kinds of projects can find the best way for their work to be presented on this reliable crypto platform, that’s expected to keep steadily growing.

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