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Phoenix, AZ, July 01, 2023 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Web 3.0 allows to create Custom Asset Tokens for businesses looking to take advantage of the New Token Economy. Using blockchain technology, establishing a token symbol has never been easier and offers many applications.

Some applications include reward points and prepayment options. Now, businesses can reward quality clients with tokens to show their appreciation with a tangible item. Businesses can also offer a discount token for a year’s commitment of business to their clients as a new option. Currently, most companies do work for their clients while putting up all the upfront cost then chase a purchase order to hopefully get paid for their services. Using prepaid tokens is a new approach to doing business most will find more cost effective.

Establishing an online store that uses Tokens as a form of payment will help companies move more product. "Our online store is selling event tickets using Vike Tokens as a payment method," said Vike CEO Dan DeSousa. This idea is gaining traction and has the potential to change how online ordering functions.

Security Tokens are another service provided by for companies who might be willing to sell a stake in their business to investors. Security Tokens unlike Utility Tokens are fully regulated and must conform to strict guidelines set by the SEC. The real estate market is one sector utilizing Security Tokens by offering shares or tokens in a real estate project to investors who are looking for a return on their money in the future. Asset Tokenization, as it is sometimes called, allows for fractional ownership in any asset including real estate, businesses or any other asset imaginable.

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