Virtual Reality Pioneer Tony Parisi Launches Metatron Studio – Guest Post Syndicated

Virtual Reality Pioneer Tony Parisi Launches Metatron Studio - Guest Post Syndicated

San Francisco, CA, August 10, 2023 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- New Metaverse Content Company Releases the First-Ever Musical Theater NFT Collection on the Blockchain

Tony Parisi, a technology pioneer renowned for his innovative work in 3D graphics and virtual reality, is excited to announce the launch of Metatron Studio, a content creation company focused on innovation in entertainment via original projects in the metaverse. Parisi is also announcing the availability of Metatron’s first project, the NFT collection for Judgment Day, an original rock musical and the first-ever work of musical theater to be released in web3.

A Career of Innovation and Creativity

Tony Parisi's thirty-plus year career spans software development, standards, startups, technology leadership, books, and podcasts. Tony is the co-author of the international 3D graphics standards VRML, X3D and glTF, and is the developer of some of the earliest working software for the metaverse in the form of 3D web browser plugins and tools during the 1990’s. Tony has worked as an engineer and executive in notable high tech companies such as BBN, Lotus, Computer Associates, Unity Software and Lamina1.

Parisi is also a lifelong musician, producer, singer and songwriter who has founded and played in indie bands and produced live theater and performance art. Tony has recently come full circle to his music roots, recording and releasing the concept album for Judgment Day, an original feature length rock musical. And, in another in a long series of firsts, in July 2023 Tony launched the NFT collection for Judgment Day on the Ethereum blockchain - the first such project of its kind.

The Metaverse and the Creator Revolution

Metatron is focused on projects at the convergence of web3, spatial computing and artificial intelligence, unlocking novel experiences in the metaverse that combine gaming, digital collectibles, physical goods, real-time media and live entertainment. This technology stack is not only leveling up the user experience; it promises to change the very nature of fan-artist relationships by enabling more direct connections between creators and their fans.

Parisi is part of a growing community of forward-thinking independent artists who are reenvisioning entertainment by developing new types of projects that put creators front and center in the new economy. And this is the founding ethos of Metatron Studio. “The creator revolution is here, and it starts with music,” said Parisi. “But it’s coming for every creative enterprise, from the visual arts to the written word, to live theater, film and TV. For the first time in history, creators have all the tools they need to conceive, develop, produce, distribute and sell directly to their fans through the technologies of the open metaverse.”

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Parisi continued, “AI is unleashing an artistic explosion by democratizing production and driving down costs. Real-time 3D graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality are making experiences deeply engaging and immersive. And by decentralizing distribution and providing global payment systems and programmable digital goods, web3 breaks the stranglehold of large platforms and streaming services, eliminating middlemen so that artists can interact directly with superfans and collectors, and most importantly, reap the full rewards of the value that they create.”

"What blockchain and metaverse can do for the creator economy is unprecedented. An artist has the freedom to write their own story, and to decide the value of their own art without having to comply with arbitrary industry standards," said singer-songwriter and best-selling NFT music artist Violetta Zironi. "Through the direct connection the tech provides, artists can focus on people that truly appreciate their work, and the production and delivery of art becomes much more prolific. Tony is the perfect example of this, and I am looking forward to seeing Metatron's impact on the future of the industry."

From the Blockchain to Broadway

Building on the sold-out success of Tony Parisi's debut music NFT collection, Cradle to Grave, a commentary on gun violence and reproductive rights in America, Metatron is now in production with a large-scale music NFT collection for Judgment Day.

Judgment Day is an epic tale about love, loss, faith, reason, and the end of the world; a love story told against a backdrop of geopolitical turmoil and constant crisis culminating in a cosmic battle between good and evil. For the NFT collection, Tony is collaborating with international visual artist Marina Berlin to release a set of 1,000 generative NFTs that contain songs from the musical plus stunning artwork styled as an oracle card deck. The deck provides collectors with a divinatory lens into the past, present, and the challenging times ahead, based on the musical’s characters, storyline and spiritual themes. Certain holders of Judgment Day NFTs will also receive premium utility in the form of downloads of the complete digital album, vinyl editions, physical merchandise, theater tickets and access to live workshops.

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Metatron will soon be announcing partnerships around the production of a live action version of Judgment Day for the stage. “My vision for Judgment Day has always been as live theater on the big stage; this NFT collection is another step on the journey to making that vision a reality,” said Parisi. “Judgment Day NFT collectors have a front row seat to the show’s ongoing development by helping fund the project in its early stages.” A portion of the NFT proceeds will be used to finance development of the live production - representing an entirely new way for fans to engage with and support the creative process for live theater.

Upcoming Projects

Metatron Studio has an exciting lineup of upcoming projects that further embody the spirit of web3 innovation. Metaverse, the Musical! Is a farcical musical theater romp about the dangers of technology being developed by Parisi in collaboration with other esteemed web3 music artists. Gun Babies, a whimsical follow-up to Cradle to Grave, is a generative NFT collection by Marina Berlin that takes a more lighthearted look at America’s twin obsessions. Additional collaborations will be announced in the coming months.

About Metatron Studio

Metatron Studio is a new content creation company focused on innovation in entertainment via original projects in the metaverse, founded by technology pioneer and independent music artist Tony Parisi.

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