z-emotion Introduces zeavric – Guest Post Syndicated

z-emotion Introduces zeavric - Guest Post Syndicated

Seoul, Korea, South, March 09, 2023 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- z-emotion, a fast-growing 3D fashion design and real-time cloth simulation technology company, today launched zeavric, an easy-to-use and intuitive 3D fashion design studio for characters, garments, fashion accessories, AR environments and collectibles. With the launch of zeavric, z-emotion aims to expand its traditional user base of fashion professionals out to the gaming and metaverse industries.

With the company’s unique 3D simulation technology being specialized in textile product design, z-emotion’s solutions serve not only the worldwide fashion industry, but also content creators in the metaverse, gaming, digital human, and entertainment industries; giving them the ability to easily and quickly create high-quality 3D products complete with appropriate physical properties and simulation driven effects. To further the use of the content created, zeavric can easily connect with one of the most popular 3D content creation tools, Autodesk Maya, through z-maya plugin which saves a lot of time for users to create, simulate, and animate their designs. Extensibility into other digital platforms will be added to zeavric’s toolset in the coming months and will be announced separately.

“Building a new 3D platform based on the latest technology gains a lot of advantages in breaking the tradition of what a fashion 3D CAD used to be, we are able to build a great foundation for the up-and-coming requirements such as metaverse, gaming and etc...,” said Dongsoo Han, CEO of z-emotion.

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The company believes that zeavric is the right tool for those individual artists and designers who are looking for a user-friendly, cost-effective digital design platform that natively adapts to the needs of multiple industries without having to learn different niche solutions.

About z-emotion
z-emotion is furthering the development of the digital fashion industry with its 3D garment design tool and real-time cloth simulation technology. With its core computer graphics algorithm, z-emotion provides a one-stop solution for 3D digital fashion that contains virtual styling, digital showrooms, and digital collectibles. Headquartered in South Korea with offices in US and Hong Kong, z-emotion is a diverse, globally talented team spread throughout Asia, the US and Europe and has investment backing from renowned strategic partners like LG Electronics, Naver, HTC and Shima Seiki. Please visit https://www.z-emotion.com for more information.

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