Solana trades in a range as it challenges the high of $155

Solana trades in a range as it challenges the high of $155

Price: 10:07 am, July 10, 2024

The price of Solana has increased but is still trapped between the moving-average lines. provides a cryptocurrency price analysis.

Solana long-term forecast: bearish

The cryptocurrency is struggling to resume its trend between the moving-average lines. The price of altcoins has been fluctuating between $130 to $150 since June 27. On July 3, buyers failed to keep the price above 50-day SMA. Solana hit a low price of $127, but then recovered. The altcoin trades above the 21-day SMA but below the resistance of the 50-day SMA. The value of the cryptocurrency will remain in a range for a couple more days. Solana's uptrend will resume once it crosses above the 50-day SMA. It is currently trading for $141.

Solana price indicator analysis

The price bars of Solana have returned to moving average lines. The 50-day SMA, or high of $155 has been a barrier to the upward moves. Moving average lines remained horizontal throughout the sideways movement.

Technical Indicators

Key supply zones: $200, $220, $240

Demand zones for $120, $100 and $80

What's the next step for Solana?

Solana is still in an upward correction, and it continues to rise between the moving-average lines. On the daily chart the price of cryptocurrency has crossed over the 21-day SMA two times but failed to sustain itself above the 50-day SMA. Solana is currently rising and has reached the resistance level at $155. If the altcoin breaks above the resistance, it will reach a high of $188. Otherwise, the movement will be range bound between the moving average line.

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