TRON oscillates and approaches the high of $0.118

TRON oscillates and approaches the high of $0.118

Jun 14, 2024, 19:26

Since May 28, the price of TRON has traded below its moving averages.

TRON Price Forecast: Bearish

On the 7th of June, the cryptocurrency recovered from its lows and crossed over the moving averages. Price of cryptocurrency fluctuates between moving averages, as it is stuck in a range. TRON currently trades at $0.116.

The altcoin trades above the 21-day SMA but below the SMA 50-day. TRON can reach a high of $0.05 if it is held above the 50-day SMA. If the altcoin loses its support from the SMA of 21 days, it will drop to $0.11 as the previous low.

TRON is caught in the middle of the moving average line.

TRON indicator reading

Price bar is between moving averages, as it is stuck in a range. Altcoins are also trading between $0.114 and $0.119. The altcoin's trend will begin when the moving average line is broken.

Technical indicators

Important Supply Zones: $0.13. $0.14. $0.15

Important demand zones: $0.10, $0.09, $0.08

What's the next step for TRON?

TRON is trapped between moving average lines. Altcoins had previously fallen to a low price of $0.109, before recovering. Moving average lines stopped the rising trend. The cryptocurrency will begin to trend upwards if it breaks out from the moving average lines.

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Last week CryptoGuestPosts stated that TRX had returned to its trading range, which indicated a sideways movement. TRX was trading between $0.10 - $0.122.

Disclaimer. This analysis and forecast is the personal opinion of the author. It does not constitute a recommendation for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, and should not therefore be considered as an endorsement from Before investing in funds, readers should conduct their own research.


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