Dallas-Based Turo Host Launches Social Media Platform to Connect Hosts Around the Globe – Guest Post Syndicated

Dallas-Based Turo Host Launches Social Media Platform to Connect Hosts Around the Globe - Guest Post Syndicated

Dallas, TX, February 16, 2023 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Sean Matheis, founder of Converted Media, recently launched Executive Class Rentals & its sister company Executive Class Limos in the Dallas, Texas market. Sean quickly became one of the top hosts on Turo, the #1 car sharing application in the world, and has become one of the top independent rental car agencies in the Dallas area. Sean recently announced that his web development team launched XenialHQ.com making it the world's 1st social media platform for the car sharing industry.

XenialHQ (a new social media platform functions very similar to the largest social media site in the world, Facebook). This new social media platform is built exclusively for the rapidly growing car share industry. XenialHQ caters to hosts from sites like Turo, Avail, Hyrecar and others to give the industry a dedicated platform to network, learn, and improve the industry through community building.

Yanni, a local Dallas Turo host, stated in a recent Turo hosts summit, "This is the perfect timing for a platform like this, and our team is excited. Its impressive how robust the platform is. It's got all the features we love about sites like Facebook."

A recent study by statista, leading data analytics firm, shows that only 27% of millennials (25 yrs. - 38 yrs. old) used the site regularly in 2022. This is nearly 48% decrease since 2017. There have been several independent research firms that study usage of social sites recently release compelling insights that outline the current user trends of the worlds largest social media platforms. In fact, the largest social media platform on the planet is in sharp decline and for the first time in company history the social media giant posted a net decline of monthly active users.

"These numbers, and other related data showing that today's user want a new social media experience is what really pushed my team to build a dedicated community for the emerging car share industry. The growth in the car sharing industry is unreal and unfortunately, the current 'groups' method of trying to connect with others in the industry simply isn't cutting it," said CEO and Founder Sean Matheis.

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There are well over 100 groups and forums for Turo hosts alone but there isn't a central platform that provides the functionality of a social media platform that is dedicated exclusively for the car share industry. Each car sharing host acts as its own entity on platforms like Turo so there is no company directory or employee meetings or company sponsored events that promote these independent contracts to work together.

"It's extremely difficult to make meaningful connections on other social media sites. There are major obstacles like the current algorithm that will suppress the content you want to see in exchange for content they are paid to deliver you. Each group has its own set of moderators and rules or politics to follow which adds another layer of difficulty. It's just an old way of doing things that I believe people are only using because there is currently no other viable option. XenialHQ will provide the car share industry a dedicated platform with everything people love about other sites or groups, then add in all the features they wish their current groups had, while removing everything they hate about other platforms," said COO Brandy Bail.

Even more exciting is that XenialHQ is also launching its own native cryptocurrency, the Crypto Social Token (CSTX) which is the dedicated currency inside the platform. To take things a step further, the company has recently announced it will be giving away the CSTX token, (during the PRE-ICO phase) to the first 5,000 users who register on the xenialhq.com website.

The CEO announced last month that they have approximately 150 million CSTX that have been set aside to be given to users based on their activity inside the platform. XenialHQ is granting tokens for each and every action users take when logged in. That means tokens awarded for every log in, every post made, every friend request, every follow, every connection, 2x awarded for referrals, and other key activities.

These tokens will be eligible to convert into the live CSTX cryptocurrency upon the ICO which is slated for Q4 of 2023 once the ICO (initial coin offering) has gone live these tokens will then hold real cash value that can be bought or sold on any major exchange.

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The cryptocurrency market has had a tough time over the last 14 months however, the markets tend to adjust after a BTC halving event such as the July 2020 halving. After each halving event the markets experience a massive surge for 12-18 months followed by a market correction. The next BTC halving is scheduled for 2024 which means the market should see yet another strong bull run beginning in late 2023 as the halving dates become public.

"We want to let our users know that it's not lost on us how vital users are to a platform such as this. As of today social media platforms have made billions off their users and never given a dime back to them. In fact, they just find more ways to monetize their users every day. At XenialHQ.com, we hope to change this dynamic and ideally promote the idea of sharing in the profits among users across all social media platforms. At the end of the day the users are the only reason the platform exists. I think users need to join our site, watch how they will earn free cryptocurrency and take the stance they deserve to be compensated in some way for their membership to any social media platform," said Sean Matheis.

It will be interesting to see how quickly XenialHQ.com takes off in the coming weeks. Innovators like Sean Matheis help to fuel their tech savvy and social network culture. We need innovations like XenialHQ.com to continue making progress and improve the digital landscape that is social media today around the world.

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