Exclusive Access to The Nemots TCG Testnet Release – Guest Post Syndicated

Exclusive Access to The Nemots TCG Testnet Release - Guest Post Syndicated

Casper, WY, September 26, 2022 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- The Nemots TCG, an online single and multiplayer digital trading card game (TCG) that revolves around players crafting items, spells, and orbs, as well as creatures (called "Nemots") in offering turn-based, competitive matches in return for player rewards and true ownership, is gearing up for its testnet launch.

This will mark a significant milestone as it will give a chance for the community to get hands-on experience interacting with the different components of the blockchain game. Its first public testnet release also marks an important milestone in The Nemots TCG roadmap.

The Nemots TCG public testnet will allow players and developers to test the different functions and features of the game on the blockchain. More importantly, being live with its testnet further means that the game is now only one step away from its mainnet release.

Gearing up for public testnet
Starting from the 14th October, players and developers will be able to access the public testnet by registering on The Nemots TCG testnet website. During the sign-up process, players and developers will also have to register their wallet to experience the simulation environment by testing the functionalities of The Nemots TCG.

By participating in the game’s public testnet, players and developers will be able to access functionalities, including but not limited to, creating starter decks, and authentication connections between player and wallets, as well as the in-game currency system.

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The public testnet will mark the first time for participants to explore the intricacies of a one-of-a-kind blockchain trading card game which is destined to become a crucial link in the chain between traditional and next-generation gaming.

Derek LaPorte, Lead Game Designer of The Nemots TCG, “Our testnet will be a landmark in the blockchain gaming space as we bring a next generation gameplay experience in convergence with layered NFT technology on the blockchain. The upcoming testnet is a result of the efforts of the entire team, who have been working hard for the past year. Despite facing several challenges, the team has continued to fulfil our aim to build a unique gaming ecosystem that is player-intuitive and provides limitless opportunities for them to create, trade and battle the game’s flagship 'Nemots.'”

To further incentivise the public testnet, The Nemots TCG is planning to hold activities for players and developers which consist of completing technical tasks. On the successful completion of these tasks, participants will be granted NFTs. All the announcements for the tasks will be made on their social media handles Twitter, and Telegram.

With the inputs that will be received from participants across the world, The Nemots TCG team will continue to improve the game based on the feedback received. The testnet is also a testament to the importance of establishing positive feedback loops between future players and developers to create the best product possible.

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