Kublet: Mini Monitors for Your Desk – Guest Post Syndicated

Kublet: Mini Monitors for Your Desk - Guest Post Syndicated

New York, NY, August 12, 2022 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Kublet Announces Launch of Kublet Nano: Mini Desk Terminals for Stock & Crypto Data, and More.

Kublet Inc., just announced the launch of mini display terminals for your desk. Shaped like a cube (cube + tablet), and small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, the Nano is designed to make tracking price information, and various data easily accessible and gorgeous to look at. Its small form enables data to be accessed without taking too much space on your desk. Made with an OLED screen, the Nano looks gorgeous on your desk, and anywhere in your home and office. Kublet Nano is available now on Kickstarter.

More than just hardware, Kublet provides an integrated software platform for users to display a variety of information. You can send any data you want to be displayed on the mini monitors. At launch, the Nano will come with access to stock, crypto, and forex price data, which can be configured on your mobile device. Simply select the stock or crypto you want to track, on your phone, and the price data will show up on the Nano. These prices will be updated at set regular intervals, depending on the nature of the data. These updates at set intervals require no subscription. At the moment, real-time stock market updates require a subscription.

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Bitcoin enthusiasts will also get access to bitcoin related data, such as block height and SATS/USD.

Once support for stock and crypto price data is built, Kublet will provide access to other types of data. This could include glucose monitoring for diabetic patients, devops data from Grafana, calendar notifications, social media following, an open API where users can send their own data, and more.

The New York based company’s combined hardware and software solution means that users do not need to be concerned about programming their data. Instead, Kublet’s managed platform provides a user-friendly, intuitive way for non-technical users to select their data type and source, to be displayed on the mini terminals.

“Kublet was born because I was spending too much time at work checking my phone for stock prices and having to switch windows just to monitor prices on my computer screen. Sometimes I would have an additional monitor open just for tracking stock prices, but that took up too much space on my desk.” - founder of Kublet Inc.

The Nano requires a cable for power. For multiple terminals without having to manage multiple cables, Kublet provides a pod that can house up to 3 Nanos. Audio is currently not enabled for each individual unit, but compatible speakers will be available at a later date. This would enable important sound notifications from your desk.

Kublet Nano is a small, fun, yet powerful tool for tracking information. It is designed to fit and look good on your desks, kitchen, office reception, and more. These are great as personal and corporate gifts and are available now with discounts for early adopters. Kublet’s software has not reached version 1.0 so early adopters get to shape its platform by providing feedback.

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Kublet ships internationally except for Russia, Ukraine, and North Korea. Should the Kickstarter reach its target, shipping is expected to take place by June 2023.

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