President Trump Convenes with Exacore and Industry Giants to Shape Future of U.S. Bitcoin Mining – Guest Post Syndicated

President Trump Convenes with Exacore and Industry Giants to Shape Future of U.S. Bitcoin Mining - Guest Post Syndicated

Palm Beach, FL, June 13, 2024 --(Guest Post Syndicated)-- Executives from top Bitcoin mining companies - including Arkon Energy, Riot, Cholla Energy, Cleanspark, Core Scientific, Exacore, Marathon, and Terawulf - met with former President Donald Trump late on Tuesday to discuss the future of the Bitcoin mining sector in the United States.

The meeting, characterized by robust dialogue, saw Trump expressing keen interest in bolstering U.S. infrastructure to maintain a competitive stance in the global Bitcoin mining market. The group underscored the multiple advantages of Bitcoin mining:

- Infrastructure Development: Expansion in mining facilities places the U.S. as a leader in the global Bitcoin industry.

- Job Creation: The growth of these operations is creating numerous job opportunities across technology, construction, and more.

- Energy Grid Stability: Bitcoin mining contributes to the stability and adaptability of the national energy grid.

- Economic Impact: Bitcoin mining has the potential to double domestic power generation capacity. This could add $650 billion to America’s GDP, an increase of approximately 2.8%, and create over 950,000 new jobs by ensuring that power plants operate at full capacity, utilizing energy efficiently and profitably, especially during periods of low grid demand.

Trump voiced strong support for the Bitcoin mining sector, recognizing its role in job creation and energy grid stability. He committed to nurturing an environment conducive to industry growth and reinforcing U.S. energy independence.

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Chris Cook, CEO of Exacore, reflected on the meeting, "President Trump's commitment to advancing Bitcoin mining is vital for America's technological and economic leadership. Our discussion underscored Bitcoin mining's capacity to secure energy dominance and stimulate economic growth, setting America at the forefront of global innovation."

Participants from the meeting appreciated the opportunity to discuss these crucial issues with Trump, feeling encouraged by his supportive stance. They look forward to ongoing backing from the administration, aiming to enhance the U.S. position in the Bitcoin sector while fostering job creation and infrastructure development.

Additionally, market responses were notably positive following the meetings, with significant upticks in the value of Bitcoin and related stocks, highlighting the financial community's reaction to the prospect of sustained support for the industry.

About Exacore
Exacore is an industry leader in engineering, procurement, and construction of Bitcoin mining sites and data centers in the USA. With a focus on innovative solutions and efficiency, Exacore has been instrumental in driving the growth and development of critical infrastructure to support the burgeoning Bitcoin mining industry. Our commitment to excellence and technological advancement positions us at the forefront of this transformative sector, ensuring that America remains competitive on the global stage.

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