Quant Bounces back on Resumption of the Uptrend

Quant Bounces back on Resumption of the Uptrend

Price: Apr 10, 2024, 01:12

Quant's (QNT) price has fallen below the moving average line after it encountered resistance at least twice near its $150 high.

Quant price long-term forecast: bearish

CryptoGuestPosts.com's price analysis shows that Quant is currently trading at a low between $117 and 118. Rejections have slowed down the recovery. QNT is recovering from its decline.

Buyers are trying to raise the altcoins above the moving-average lines. QNT's upward trend is likely to resume if the buyers are able to break the moving average line. If the altcoin is rejected by the moving average line, it will drop even more to $106.

Quantitative price indicator analysis

The price bars of the cryptocurrency are now below their moving average line after the recent drop. Moving average lines indicate the rise of previous price bars. Candlestick wicks are a key indicator of QNT's pricing activity. The long candlestick indicates a strong selling pressure of $150.

Technical indicators

Important Supply Zones: $140 $150 $160

Important demand zones: $90, $80, $70

What's the next step for Quant?

QNT falls below the moving-average lines. Due to strong selling pressure, the cryptocurrency's upward trend has been stopped four times already at $150. The altcoin must move above the $101 resistance and below the moving-average lines, where QNT faces a rejection from the recent high.

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Disclaimer. This analysis and forecast is the personal opinion of the author. It does not constitute a recommendation for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, and should not therefore be considered as an endorsement from CryptoGuestPosts. Before investing in funds, readers should conduct their own research.


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